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The Perfect Balance Between Features and Price

Our most competitive video analysis software. With Nacsport Scout+ you really are in the lower atmosphere of professional analysis. High level tools and the ability to analyse 5 different videos at the same time, the power is yours.

Unlimited Registry of Actions

Absolute control over your analysis. Create however many Categories and Descriptors you may need for unrestricted tagging of actions. Build a deeper understanding of the game and team tactics.

Data with Meaning

Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. Start working with up to 5 videos* in one project to extract the maximum amount of data. Use your knowledge and then create meaningful presentations to inform team strategy.

* Note: If you need more than 5 videos in your analysis, take a look at Scout+ Unlimited, which let’s you work with unlimited videos into a single presentation.

Overlay Videos for Deeper Comparison

Superimpose one image on top of the other using our smart overlay feature. Import external videos to see how they compare against your own.

Analyse Live Without Video

Data collection has never been easier. Tag actions in a game without the need for a video capture. Later, sync external video source to your analysis or present information as pure data.

Note: You will need a capture device to connect a video camera to your computer.

Enrich Your Video Presentations

Add text notes to rate your plays, add graphics for emphasis, side by side video comparisons, extract photos from video work. All this and more are available in Scout+ in order to enrich your analysis and communicate better to players.

Increase Your Perspective

Add a second angle to offer another perspective and see action you may otherwise have missed. Simultaneous analysis with both angles.

Statistical Information in Real-Time

Share statistical information from dashboard or video clips with colleagues directly to their smartphone, tablet or computer. Alternatively, export to PDF or Excel for deeper analysis at later time.

Create Eye-Catching Visual Reports

Create video highlights reel to share with players and coaches. Customise your videos and presentations with logos, overlays and notes.

A Real Alternative to SportsCode

Thinking about changing your sports analysis software? With Nacsport Scout+ it’s easy. Compatibility with SCpkg and GBpkg formats comes as standard if you want to import your data. You can also export data in XML for use in Sportscode and similar.


Stream Live and Analyse

Live stream action from sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch or Mixer and analyse as you watch.

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