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A Top-End Package for Top-Flight Teams and Analysts.

All the features you could ever want.

Unlimited Data – Professional, Complete and Organised

Professional, customised workflows developed over many years. Sequential registration panels for intuitive, organised analysis.

Live Feedback

Make better decisions during games. Collect, review and deliver data live to colleagues in real time

Dual Capture

Watch and record the action from two angles, analyse both. Combine for a single, unified analysis.

Analysis with Genuine Depth

Unlimited videos combined into a single presentation.

Detect Recurring Interactions

Frequency charts to visualise interactions or connections between players which influence results.

Overlay Videos for Deeper Comparison

Superimpose one image on top of the other using our smart overlay feature. Import external videos to see how they compare against your own.

Increase Your Perspective – 4 Distinct Angles

Utilise and analyse from up to four unique perspectives. Present all videos and findings together on the same screen as a grid.

Social Media Integration

Sharing is caring. Give analysis a social aspect by tweeting dashboards and graphics directly to fans or colleagues in real-time.

Statistical Information in Real-Time

Share statistical information from dashboard or video clips with colleagues directly to their smartphone, tablet or computer. Export to PDF or Excel for later analysis.

Search, Curate and Manage Data

Locate clips instantly from within database. Search existing information and scroll quickly through results. Smart filters make finding stored data simple.

A System that Learns with You

Discover hidden patterns in analysis. Filter out background noise and tell Nacsport what’s important so it can filter smarter in the future.

Create Eye-Catching Visual Reports

Create video highlights reel to share with players and coaches. Customise your videos and presentations with logos, overlays and notes.

A Real Alternative to SportsCode

Easy to make the change. Compatibility with SCpkg and GBpkg. Export data in XML for use in Sportscode and similar.

Find the Chemistry

Discover how different players complement overall team performance or bring out the best in each other with the Player Connections feature.

Dynamic Heatmaps

Highlight key areas of pitch or court and build dynamic heatmaps of exactly what happened and where.

Serious Collaboration

Collaborate with up to 4 analysts on the same report simultaneously with each monitoring individual players or sections of your team.

Stream Live and Analyse

Live stream action from sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch or Mixer and analyse as you watch.

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