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The Perfect Tool for Starters

Simple and Intuitive to work with from the moment you open it, but powerful enough to deliver meaningful video analysis – Nacsport Basic is the ideal place to start your analytical career.

Fully Customizable Register of Actions

Register up to 25 basic actions in your video an unlimited number of times. Store and record these observations to create concise analytical reports for your team.

Professional Video Playback

Take total control with our professional video player. Powerful tools such as 6 playback speeds and slow motion to help you find, review and replay key moments.

Live or Pre-Recorded Analysis

Two ways to carry out analysis. Live in the field, using a camera connected to your computer, or from the comfort of your home or office, using pre-recorded footage.

Enrich Your Presentations

Add notes to your video, rate your plays, add animated graphics, compare actions or extract still images. Use all these to enhance your analysis in order to transmit information to your team.

Extract and Export Meaningful Data

Transform data into visually pleasing, easy to read graphs and charts which can be exported to PDF or Excel in order to share statistical information.

Present Your Work Direct from Nacsport

Select what you consider to be the most pertinent information, create a presentation within Nacsport and then share your conclusions with coaching staff or players. Simple!

Create a Highlights Reel

With Nacsport, there’s no need for complicated, expensive video editors. Create a highlights reel directly from Nacsport by simply using the register of actions you have already created.

Social Media Integration

Sharing is caring. Give your analysis a social aspect by tweeting dashboards and graphics directly to fans or colleagues in real-time.

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