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We are some bunch of people contributing.

We are a leading sports and entertainment agency, with a global network of local experts dedicated to delivering innovative that meet our clients’ needs.

Stars-Gate Sports and Entertainment, we dedicate our expertise and passion to provide our clients with privileged access to the infinite opportunities of sport and entertainment

Providing privileged access

We guide clients through the exciting world of sport and entertainment. We are a single point of contact to an unparalleled global network of industry experts, media organisations, rights holders, athletes, events and brands. We provide access to a world of opportunity, with one overriding common purpose: Helping our partners create value.

Delivering integrated strategies

We always take the broader view. In a sector that employs a diverse palette of skills, we paint a bigger picture. From rights management through to event delivery, we view all our activities as intrinsically related and complementary. It is not about any one activity in isolation, but finding the right mix of activities, skills and experiences to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Innovating to foster success

We believe in creativity. Thanks to our local roots and holistic approach, we excel in designing new and exciting solutions for our clients and partners. Our expertise and our wealth of experience drive success. Forward-looking, agile and digitally focused, we find fresh ideas for your business

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